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From: Legal Professional
Subject: Legal Seminar Production

Dear Legal Videos.ca,

I have a seminar in Toronto next month. There will be a panel of four experts and take under four hours. They will speak at a podium along with a question and answer period. We have an onsite sound system with microphones, so we don't need any sound equipment. We'll need it to be edited and titled and the final format will be on 50 DVDs. We also need a computer file to post to our website. How much will this cost?

Legal Professional

From: Production Manager
Subject: Legal Seminar Production

Dear Legal Professional,

Thank you for contacting us. I have attached basic quote for what you have described.

We have done a number of seminars that have been qualified by the Law Society for Continuing Professional Development requirements. We also understand the budget constraints and the necessary level of quality needed. I am glad you have your own sound system onsite. We will also double check with the facility to assure that they have the proper equipment to meet the needs of a good quality sound recording. If not, don't worry we can supply any necessary sound equipment, including personal microphones and sound for the audience. I suggest that we setup a phone call to cover the details.

Best Regards
Production Manager
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